Clara Elliott, ED.S, Licensed Psychologist

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Clara is a Licensed Psychologist who has also served as a school Psychologist for 16 years. She began her career with the Missouri Dept. of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities, where she served for 10 years. During that time Clara obtained experience with a wide variety of disabling conditions, and conducted assessment with individuals of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Clara obtained her Master’s Degree from Hollins College, and her Specialist’s Degree from Pittsburg State University.  In addition to being a Licensed Psychologist, she also is certified by the Dept. of Elementary and Second Education as a school Psychologist and a school Psychological Examiner. Read more at

Clara’s office hours:

Monday                                   10am – 6pm
Tuesdays                                 Out of the Office
Wednesdays                           10am – 6pm
Thursdays                               Out of the Office
Fridays                                    Out of the Office
Saturdays                                Out of the Office

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Clara’s Recent Continuing Education Training:

The Body Keeps The Score:  Trauma Healing with Bessel van der Kolk – April 2017

Legal and Ethical Risks and Risk Management in Professional Psychological Practice, Sequence VII – April 2016

Assessing and Managing Risk in Psychological Practice – November 2015

Ethics and Risk Management in the Age of the Affordable Care Act – April 2015

MMPI 2 RF Overview, MMPI 2 RF Documentation and Features, MMPI 2 RF Overview of Scales, MMPI 2 RF Interpretation – March 2015

Master DSM5’s Key Changes, Implement Its Assessment Tools, & Make It Your Path to ICD-10-CM Compliance – March 2015

Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Oral Language – August 2014

Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement – August 2014

Is it Grief or is it Depression:  Identifying Grief Issues as Compared to Depression – May 2014

Legal and Ethical Risks and Risk Management in Professional Psychological Practice, Risk   Management in Specific High Risk Areas – March 2014