Provisional Licensed Professional Counselors (PLPC)

Healing Grace Counseling Center is proud to be a training facility for professional counselors.  As a training facility we are able to provide the required state supervision hours for qualified therapists.  At the same time we are able to make counseling more affordable and therefore serve more people in our community.

Healing Grace currently has four PLPC’s : Krystina Erichsen, Megan Deaver, and Sean Dowling and Mary Starr.  All of these four have completed the requirements by the state to provide counseling services.

We hope you will continue to be satisfied with your care at Healing Grace and find each of these therapists are worth the amount you are paying for their time and expertise.

Krystina J. Erichsen, MA- PLPC- For Bio, Click Here

Megan Deaver, MS-PLPC- For Bio, Click Here

Sean Dowling, MS-PLPC – For Bio, Click Here

Mary Starr, MA-PLPC – For Bio, Click Here

Shontel Walker, MS-PLPC – For Bio, Click Here

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