How long before I feel better?

Most people experience relief early on in their treatment.  It helps to have someone who is trained to listen and understand your problems.  If you need, your counselor may refer you to a medical doctor (psychiatrist) who specializes in psychotropic medications to help with your symptom relief if you are not improving as quickly as we hope.

HOWEVER . . . do not be surprised if you feel worse before you feel better.   Oftentimes in the process of therapy we discuss painful experiences and we learn to feel all of the feelings involved.  This is not pleasant.  It may be that you and your family are trying to change some relationship patterns.  That too can be a very painful experience which may result in an increase of negative symptoms before positive change occurs.

With consistency and perseverance however, one can make it through the most painful part of healing to come to the other side where there are “more good days than bad.”

We do not want anyone to think that counseling and psychotherapy is an easy path to happiness.  Sometimes it is, but often it is not.  We are with you along the way to assist you through the hard parts of this journey and to give you tools that will help you find peace.